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Our Story: A House is Born

The story of The VandenBerg House is simple: a young entrepreneur, motivated by her Dutch great grandmother’s social activism during World War II, founds an inspiring community space to drive entrepreneurial and artistic ventures in the Leslieville community.

Christiane Tetreault’s Great Oma (grandmother) displayed bravery and ingenuity by hiding Jewish citizens during the reign of Nazism in Europe. While the challenges of Christiane’s time differ from her great grandmother’s era, this legacy has taught her that life is not a zero-sum game and we are all in some way responsible for each other. The VandenBerg House embodies this sense of community and collaboration.

Who We Are

Housed in an eclectic space that was originally built for Jessie Ashbridges, son of pioneer Sarah Ashbridges, The VandenBerg House is an inspiring work and event space dedicated to providing space for any event. We are a space where memories are made and ideas take flight.

Our Mission

To provide our community with an intimate charming event venue where people connect and memories are made.

Our Vision

An inspiring community venue that supports business and supports the integrity of Toronto’s east end communities.

What We Do

  • Create opportunities for entrepreneurs and artisans to showcase high-quality products and services and increase brand awareness within Leslieville and the wider Toronto community.

  • Provide an inspiring, and functional office and events solution to drive entrepreneurial growth and host community events.

  • Support the fabric of Leslieville through charitable partnerships with organizations such as Michael Garron Hospital

Why It Matters

We focus our efforts on work, special events and community because we understand that the future of our small businesses depends on a supportive, inspiring platform that will bring business and community together through exciting events. We believe that more community engagement will lead to increased brand awareness and potential collaborations to drive business growth.

We also believe in the dedication of so many residents to Toronto’s east end neighbourhoods. A prime example of this is the 50,000 strong petition signed by Toronto residents, particularly those in Leslieville, to keep the Red Door Family Shelter open in spite of condo development and higher property costs. Thanks to their efforts the shelter will continue to be an active part of the Leslieville community.

By providing a supportive platform for entrepreneurs The VandenBerg House channels our commitment to Toronto’s east end and creates opportunities to strengthen our neighbourhoods and make our businesses more resilient.

 One of a Kind

One of the few event spaces in Toronto’s east end, The VandenBerg House is a collaborative enterprise that is unique in its dedication to both community organizations and small businesses. We harness our partnerships with small businesses, local artisans, the Leslieville BIA, and other community organizations to create interesting opportunities that help drive local economic growth and sustain our community support systems.

Our distinct, community-oriented outlook and our interest in driving entrepreneurial ventures makes The VandenBerg House an important resource for Leslieville, the east end, and Toronto.

Friends and Partners of
The VandenBerg House


Strangemore Photo

For over 30 years Sandra has been creating images for people in their business and personal lives.  She has helped thousands put their best face forward.  Her experience is vast and her skills are honed.  Classically trained in studio lighting while following current trends.  Sandra is our preferred photographer for our events and space.  If you are searching for memorable event / personal or corporate photos, contact Sandra sandra@strangemorephoto.com


Snapd Beaches has been operating for 10 years in the eastend.  They are focused on promoting and supporting local businesses and events for the eastend community.  Want to advertise or get exposure for your event.  Contact Courtney at beaches@snapd.com or visit their site www.beachdanforth.snapd.com

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