Free Co-working Day

Have you ever wondered what a co-working space is?  or what it’s like to work in a co-working / shared office space? This is your opportunity to work in our space at no charge. Benefits: Disturbance Free, Meeting Room, Dedicated Work Space, Lounge Area, Printing Available, Coffee Reserve your space now : Click Here Look

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Aric Guite’s View Point

The VandenBerg House Toronto Event Space Toronto Office Space

Freelancing, we’re often told, is the way of the future. Businesses require the flexibility to assemble teams quickly when they need them, to only keep workers employed as long as the current project requires them to be around. Freelancers often work outside of the office, allowing  for fewer office expenses. But freelancers still have to

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The Future of Coworking

Each and everyday, more and more people are discovering coworking. The movement is not only a great alternative for independent workers, but it has been proven time and time again to be a sustainable and clearly identified solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to build a network and collaborate with like-minded people. However, while existing

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